New opening in Weißenfels - chocolate products will be developed in the demonstration workshop

Source: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

At the location Zeitzer Strasse owners Wolfgang and Ursula Dietrich from Weißenfels have completely converted the former Penny market into a "chocolate world" with a confiserie, a factory outlet and a small cafe and roasting plant within half a year. The opening for customers is next Tuesday at 9 o'clock.

Visitors can watch the product developers and chocolatiers creating chocolates and figurines and even can try to make chocolate products themselves during workshops.

The previous factory outlet located on the grounds of the non-profit organization “Integra Weissenfelser Land" at Naumburger Straße has been closed since Monday due to the move to Zeitzer Straße. The factory of Argenta is still on the area opposite the Asklepios Hospital. To safeguard production for the Christmas business, according to the Dietrich family, additional workers are needed for the packaging of pralines. Interested persons can now contact the company at Naumburger Straße. (mz/ck)

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